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antenneIn our homes, we find more and more radio and television. Each family member has different tastes to the program. The father wants to watch football, the mother would like a report on garden design and the children watch music channels. One needs of course appropriate antenna outlets in each room.

These sockets include a corresponding antenna installation pipework, because the lines may not be according to the standard set directly into the plaster. This means that the antenna cables interchangeable and can be adapted to future requirements.

The conduits are radially from a central location, eg to lead from the front panel connector to the individual rooms.

Is installed so can any common Reception Systems

  • Terrestrial,
  • Satellite dishes and
  • Broadband communication feed

be used. On all systems, the previously used analog signal is more and more replaced by digital signals.

The digital system is DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting). In some parts of Germany this signal is DVB-terrestrial receiving (DVB-T). Usually a small antenna to receive enough (only in the core areas of the transmitter is a reception with an indoor antenna possible). To convert the digital signals each a special receiver is needed, which is usually installed in the TV.

DVB-C digital cable. Again, a special receiver for each TV set is necessary.

Besides the previously emitted by analogue satellite television and radio programs are more and more digital channels (DVB-S) are available. For this, a suitable digital receiver is required for each place of receipt.

In any case, when the antenna sockets must also type outlets exist to connect, for example, TV, DVD, Receiver can. Therefore the arranged next to the antenna sockets socket outlets are run as triple sockets.

Those who want to avoid clutter must, electric conduit for the speaker wires from the radio or from the stereo system to allow the speakers. Because who wants that in his living room, the speaker wires must be fitted around the door.

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